Participant guide

As a participant, you can register in the WE.Vote service at the invitation of the administrator. For more information on the registration process, see the Account registration section.

Participation in a voting


In the main window of the service, you will see all polls available for your participation:

  • Future - polls planned and created by the administrator.

  • Active - polls taking place currently.

  • Finished - polls that have been finished upon expiry of voting time, as well as cancelled polls.

Up to the starting time. the published voting will be in the Future section. You can look through its agenda and additional materials, but will not be able to vote before its start.

Voting will start automatically at the time you set. Once it starts, it will move to Active on the main service page.

Participants can vote in an active ballot until it is complete. The voting card displays the remaining voting time.


To cast your vote, click on the active voting card and go to the list of questions. Select your answer choices for each of them and click Vote. If the service is inactive for a long time, accessing this button may require you to enter a password from your account in order to prevent any unauthorized access to the voting process.

Your answer choices will then be encrypted and sent to the database.

While voting is active, you can change your answer choices. To do this, click Revote on the voting card, change your answer choices, and vote again.


Work with results


Upon completion, the vote goes to the Completed section on the main page of the service. If the vote does not take place for any reason, the vote is cancelled and also goes into the Completed section with an indication of the reason for the cancellation.

By clicking on the completed voting card, you can view your answer choices and the parameters of the vote and download a PDF report of the vote. If open voting is selected, you can also view the answers of all voters.