Concept of the blockchain-based online voting service

The use of blockchain technology makes it possible to create a secure voting system which works according to the following rules:

  • The organizer fully administers the rules for access to the voting agenda.

  • The list of voting participants is created by the organizer of the voting.

  • The persons indicated in the voting list shall take part in voting.

  • The rules for voting are set by its organizer.

  • The integrity of his or her ballot with an agenda is guaranteed for the participant.

  • The secrecy of the vote is fully respected: only the participant himself has access to the contents of his ballot.

  • Only the organizer and participants have access to the voting results.

  • The integrity of the voting results is guaranteed for the organizer and participants.

In such a system, blockchain acts as a universal solution for storing and transmitting information. Data published on the blockchain through transactions cannot be changed without changing the entire chain. In addition, each transaction is signed with the sender’s public key. Therefore, blockchain data can be used to verify the integrity of data transmitted to voting participants from the service’s backend.

Since all data in the blockchain is public, encryption algorithms are used for the system’s sensitive data, also guaranteeing its integrity.