The advantages of WE.Vote

The WE.Vote service implements the concept of a secure online voting system to the fullest extent.

The service is based on the Waves Enterprise Mainnet blockchain network, which allows participants to interact with the system:

  • receiving, storing, transmitting and reconciling data on voting and votes of the participants;

  • delimitation of access rights by means of a blockchain permission model.

Encrypted data is stored simultaneously on all blockchain nodes, guaranteeing its integrity and impossibility of loss.

Each participant’s account is provided with a key pair for voice signing and blockchain identification. The key pair, as well as the means to access it, can be stored either in the participant’s own possession or in the service’s secure cloud storage. This allows the participant to determine the security of their credentials and, if the key pair is stored in cloud storage, to quickly restore access to the account and votes.

Voting data is protected by cryptographic algorithms that encrypt the votes of participants and hash out the voting materials. The El Gamal encryption scheme used allows votes to be counted without decrypting them.

A zero-knowledge proof system is used to ensure that each participant can verify that his or her vote is recorded correctly. This system allows a participant to record the fact and content of ballots without revealing the content to the vote organizer.

To easily organize and conduct online voting, the service is equipped with an intuitive web client.