WE.Vote users can have two roles: Administrator or Participant.

Administrators have the following powers:

  • edit the group name and description;

  • add and delete participants;

  • create and run polls;

  • appoint other participants as Administrators;

  • refill the balance of the group (see “Payment and balance” for details).

The administrator can view all votes of his organization, even if he or she does not participate in them.

The first user who creates an account in WE.Vote and adds an organization is automatically designated as an Administrator in the organization workspace. He or she can then designate other users as Administrators in the Participants window for better management of voting.

Participants are allowed to participate in polls, as long as the account is verified (see “Unverified Participants” for details). Participants cannot view or refill balance or vote in polls they are not participating in.